Well I have decided to jump off the ledge and start a blog.  Since I don’t really know what I am doing, I am hoping my posts will get better with time.  I love gardening, cooking and taking photos, so I hope to use all these hobbies to make a creative and interesting blog.   I plan on including healthy recipes and gardening tips illustrated with my own photos.  I would love to share recipes I find as well as my own creations.

For instance, I tried a cake recipe I found the other day and it was called Missy’s Peanut Butter Passion Cake.

I found it on Just a Pinch.  This is a great site where you can find some wonderful recipes and even upload your own.  This cake turned out beautiful and delicious!  The chocolate cake was moist and chocolaty, and the frosting was smooth and creamy.  I served it at a family birthday dinner and it was a hit.  I know this is not a healthy recipe, but we all need an indulgence once in a while.

So welcome to my blog.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.  This is all very new to me, so I hope you will hang with me as I attempt improve my writing and my content.  I also hope I can, in some small way, encourage you to try new things with your gardening and cooking.  I do not claim to be an expert on anything I will write about, I just will share my experiences with you and hope you will find something you can use.

Do you have any ideas you would like me to write about?


14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Since I am not sure how this works … if I just leave my email address, will I get your blogs automatically? That works for me.

      • OK, you have inspired me to start my own herb growing … I LOVE Cilantro and when I go to Mexican restaurant, I always ask for an extra little cup full. SO, maybe that should be the first one I try.

        I really liked your pictures too, showing the plant/pods with the pencil to show size scale. Very clever!

        This is fun … you are on to something 🙂

      • I am enjoying reading your tips. I am planning to try a lot of them after I move next month. Right now, it is taking all of my mental and physical energy to plan the move 😦

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