It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…Spring!

I know, that really doesn’t fit the song, but it really is beginning to look like spring here in the southeastern United States.  The calendar says we have another week or so, but my yard and the weather say it is already here.  I have Hostas peeking out of the ground, my Crepe Myrtles all have buds on them (and one actually already has leaves), my flowering Cherry is almost completely bloomed out, and the Red Bud is gorgeous.

My red Plum is almost finished blooming, as well as my Japanese Magnolia.  The green Plum is in full bloom and so are the Blueberry bushes.  I have Irises and Day Lilies standing up nice and tall, tiny little leaves on my Knockout Roses, buds on the Azaleas, and several Peonies have broken ground.  It won’t be long before my yard is amass in color.

I love the colors of spring (just not the pollen) and I am always happy to be able to get outside and get play in the dirt.  It is time to clean up those beds and remove all the dead leaves and scraggly pieces I find.  Then, when all these plants are ready to bloom, they will have beautiful surroundings in which to do that.  I also think our weather might be warm enough to start some seeds (in the greenhouse) and I’ll probably put some carrot seeds in the garden next week (although with the early warm weather, it may not be cool enough).  

Soon I can move all the plants we brought indoors last fall back outside and trim back their droopy parts. Yep, things are waking up around here and, although I really am not a fan of hot weather, I do love the renewal of Spring.  I hope you will take a walk around your yard this weekend and take a notice of what is sprouting and blooming.

What are you starting to see growing in your yard?


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