Gardening Joy

One of the greatest joys of gardening (at least to me) is to be able share my plants with others and have others share theirs with me.  I recently took a weekend trip with my mother to visit relatives in Memphis.  One of these was a cousin I had not seen since I was a child.  After just a little while of visiting, she and I realized how much we have in common.  Among other things we both have an extreme love of gardening (and cooking).  She shared with me several plants, but the one that means the most to me is an English Dogwood that came from one that was her mother’s.  It is always great to get plants from other plant lovers, but when the plants are part of your family history, they take on even more meaning.  Her mother was my grandmother’s oldest sister.  She and my grandmother have both been gone a long time, but the connection is still there through plants.

We also visited another cousin (sister to the one mentioned above) and she had been warned before we got there of my love of plants.  She had already been out in her yard digging up daylilies of all kinds.  Then, once we got there, we toured her yard and dug up pieces of even more plants…Irises, Oxalis, Garlic, and many more (some I don’t even know the name of).  I came home with loads of plants and have finally gotten them all in the ground.

All my new plants!

As you can see, I had a lot to do!  She also gave me a sack full of seeds from her annuals…Bachelor Buttons in two colors, Zinnias in many colors, and Cockscomb.  I have several trays of these seeds started and still have some left.  I will be sharing.

So, if you have a love of gardening like I do, share that love by sharing your garden.  Whether it is the harvest from your vegetable garden, the seeds from your annuals, the bulbs you dug up when you separated your Irises and Lilies, the new shoots that grow up around your Plum tree, the extra plants you have that you started from seeds, or whatever you have, sharing these things spreads the love of gardening to others, which is a great gift!

What have you shared from your garden lately?


6 thoughts on “Gardening Joy

  1. I would have LOVED getting all those goodies, and just wish I had a yard to plant them in. Apartment living is not so much fun, but I do have a deck and plan to put in some new bulbs and plants soon.

  2. Thanks for the LIKE. I love plants too. However, I don’t cook, so I really like people that do, because I like to eat. I have a beautiful garden in Costa Rica. And it is awesome to share my fruits and vegetables that come out of it. Thanks again.

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