The Latest Project

So, I wasn’t sure what to write about today.  This is probably not technically a gardening or food post, but we’ll see if I can connect it.  My Dear Husband has many talents, one of which is woodworking.  He can make the most beautiful cabinets, furniture, rocking horses, and just about anything else out of wood.  He and I had been talking for a while about putting a wine glass rack over the kitchen sink.  My thought was that it would take the place of a valance over the window and just bring something unique to the space.  The problem was with lighting.  I had a fluorescent light over the kitchen sink (not my favorite kind of light, but it allowed me to see if the dishes are clean).  If we put up the wine rack, we would have to remove the light.  Solution…light the wine rack.  This created a new problem…how to light it.  We went to our local building supply store to look at lighting, and wow, is it expensive.  We just couldn’t put out $60-$100 for a light over the sink right now, so back to square one.  Then I noticed that our craft store already had their Christmas displays out (way too early in my opinion, but who listens to my opinion anyway).  I decided to try Christmas lights on my wine rack.  I was a little leery of regular Christmas lights, as they have been known to cause fires (and sometimes I don’t remember to turn off the light over the sink), so I thought we would try LED Christmas lights.

Well, we have put up the rack (with lights) and I am still uncertain as to how well I like it.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is a great idea and really like the way the glasses look over the sink, but I think I would like to change out the lighting eventually.  First, the LED Christmas lights DO NOT give out much light.  The only way I can tell they give out any light is if it is completely dark in the room when I turn them on.  So I really don’t have as much light as I would like when I wash dishes.  Second, I’m not sure how I feel about seeing all the light bulbs.  Please tell me what you think:

I really like the rack, and my DH did a wonderful job, I just need to figure out if there is a better lighting solution.

By the way, did you notice the view out the window?

Unlit During the Day

That is one of my many Crepe Myrtles and I just love seeing the beautiful flowers out my window.  See, I was able to make this about gardening 🙂

What is your favorite recent project? 


2 thoughts on “The Latest Project

  1. I think it looks great! Since it is hanging by the window, have you thought of a small solar panal led light? My husband installed a small panel outside the kitchen window (about $40), and it is on a timer to light up a stained glass window my father built. (Inside.) It works great!

    • Thanks! I’m not sure a solar light would work as we have so much shade, due to the trees right outside the window. I have never been able to get solar lights to charge well anywhere in my yard. But I do like the idea. I bet it is beautiful with your stained glass window.

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