Regrowing Leftovers

I am sure this title has you saying, “what?”.  Yes, some of the fresh food you buy can be regrown.  I have just recently discovered this and have begun to try it.  I was really pleasantly surprised at the results.

I first found a pin on Pinterest about regrowing celery (don’t you just love Pinterest?  I admit it, I’m an addict).    So, I decided to try it.  I took the stalk of celery I had in the fridge, cut off the bottom about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, and put it, cut side up, in a shallow bowl of warm water.  The water was about halfway up the piece.

Celery Day 1

The directions I found said to leave it overnight then plant it.  Well, I didn’t exactly get it planted the next day…or the next, or the next.  Anyway, you get the idea.  I actually left it in the water for about 2 weeks.

Day 6

After about a week, I began to notice the center start pushing up and some new growth in the middle.  When I had time, I transplanted it to a pot of dirt, just barely covering the top of the original piece.  Now, after about a month, the plants are an inch or more tall and one even has stalks beginning to show.  I have two of them about that same age, and another one I started last week.

Approximately 6 Weeks

My plan is to transplant them in the garden after the last danger of frost has passed and then just cut off ribs as I need them.  I also want to make sure, as fall approaches, that I have some more started in pots to grow indoors all winter.  Maybe I can keep enough growing to not have to buy celery.

I have also read that you can regrow green onions, ginger root, garlic and sweet potatoes. The green onions are done pretty much the same as the celery.  I have some started, so I’ll let you know how they do.  I remember as a child growing sweet potato plants from a piece of potato that had an eye.  I am eager to try my hand at the ginger root and garlic.

I will most certainly be reporting on this more in the future.  I will keep researching this idea and also report my progress with particular items.  Happy Gardening!!

What are your favorite things to grow?